Q: Are you in network with my insurance?
Answer: We participate with some insurance plans, just call or email our office to find out which ones we are in network with.

Q: Why don't you in network with all insurance plans?
Answer: We won't participate with plans that demand we lower our prices too low. We believe in high quality care. It's your health and body we are talking about. We will make it affordable for anyone, but we won't lower the quality of our care. We offer payment plans. Our patients love the care they receive. It's your body and health on the line, don't you want to trust it to people who are experts and truly care?

Q: What if you are NOT in network with my insurance?
Answer: You can still come to us and get reimbursed by your insurance*. These days, with the high deductibles and co-pays, it doesn't cost much more to see us than someone within your network. We will give you all the necessary information required for you to call your insurance company (number could be found on the back of your insurance card) and find out about your reimbursement. *We don't know how much your insurance will reimburse you, that is up to them.

Q: How affordable is it?
The complexity of your condition is what determines how much your care will cost. If you have a simple condition such as a light muscle strain or tendinitis, it can be as low as $60 per session (most all sessions include some type of massage, exercises, and more). if you have a serious or complex condition, it may cost up to $180 per session. We offer payments plans to make our care very affordable without causing undue stress on you while you are trying to heal and recover. We can spread the cost of your care out over the time so that you are not stressed financially. We want you to recover, rejuvenate and heal, and financial stress can interfere with that so we understand. There are NO FEES or FINANCE CHARGES. Don't worry, we are here to help.